Biomechanical / Musculoskeletal Assessment

Do you suffer from lower back pain, knee pain or pain in your feet? Perhaps you have ball of foot pain or are developing bunion? Chances are we can help improve your symptoms.

Your feet are your body’s foundation and just like a building, if they are out of alignment, weaknesses and faults occur in the rest of your body.

Biomechanics is a study of the function of the lower limb. It treats or prevents painful symptoms in the foot, lower limb, hips and back. By assessing the lower limb's function and correcting with an insole (orthotic), you can realign your body. It is especially important to enhance performance and prevent injury in sporting activity.


Consultation & Assessment

A biomechanical assessment involves a 60 minute consultation, assessing how you walk, the position of your feet and the impact they may be having on the rest of your body.

The consultation ultimately results in you wearing a highly specialised insole called an orthotic, which essentially changes the posture of your foot to suit your body. Most professional sports teams use a podiatrist who equips their players with orthotics to reduce incidents of injuries and enhance performance.

We offer various types of orthotics to suit all budgets.

Perhaps you are already suffering with joint or heel pain or concerned about developing complaints older family members suffer from. Maybe you’re a sports enthusiast suffering from shin splints or Achilles tendonitis or a concerned parent worried about your child developing family foot complaints. Arrange a consultation today and start improving your quality of life.